When you give a notice of termination, we expect the vacated apartment or home to be returned to us in the following manner:

Notice Required: California Law Section 1946 of the Civil Code gives every owner and every Tenant the duty and the protection of a thirty-day written notice of vacating rental apartments/homes. The notice must state a definite date. No Owner can evict you except when the rental agreement is broken. Every Tenant is liable for paying rent during his thirty-day period whether they occupy the apartment/home for this period or not. Security deposits are not last month’s rent.

Time to Vacate: We are entitled to full possession of the apartment or home not later than 12:00 midnight the day your rent ends. However, where possible, it is requested that keys are returned during business hours.

Keys and Personal Property: If the keys are not returned, the former Tenant may be deemed in control of the apartment or home and therefore subject to rent liability until all keys in possession are returned. If any personal property belonging to the Tenant is left in the apartment or home, Owner will consider this abandoned and removed at Tenant’s expense.

Penalty for Holding Over: California State Law Section 117.1. subparagraph (b) of the Civil Procedures provides penalties for a Tenant holding over after notice is given and may be liable for triple rent, for each day that the apartment or home is held beyond the date given. (It is only fair the Owner can promise possession to another Tenant on a certain day.)

Abandonment & Tenant Replacement: If the Tenant moves before his full rent is used up, we will deem that apartment or home abandoned and assume control, for the Tenant. If the apartment or home is in need of repairs, we will make them. If we are able to rent the apartment or home during this period, the Tenant may be entitled to receive a rent refund, but only for the portion of time when a replacement tenant is in place and paying rent.

Clean Apartment or Home: Tenant is expected to leave the apartment or home in the same condition as it was received, “beyond normal wear and tear,” as stated in tenant’s lease agreement. A clean apartment or home includes: cleaned cabinets, closets, doors, woodwork, floors, stove, refrigerator, sinks, tubs, and lavatories. Floors must be cleaned and polished before vacating. If carpeting exists, carpets must be steam cleaned or shampooed and vacuumed before vacating. Walls should be washed where needed and interior windows must be cleaned. All cabinets and closets must be cleaned inside and out. Normal wear and tear is acceptable, however it must be stressed that grime and dirt comes strictly under cleaning. Any alterations that the tenant may have made to the apartment or home must be returned to their original condition. All holes in the walls, carpet stains, and scratched or damaged floors are deemed “beyond normal wear and tear.” Any items left remaining in the apartment or home will be considered abandoned and removed at tenant’s expense. Any items or garbage left in the common areas (that is other than in the garbage cans) will be removed at tenant’s expense. Touch up paint, if done by Tenant, must not be at all visible (any walls painted must be painted in full, edge to edge, and all paint colors must match existing exactly).

Closing Deposits:
Closing deposits are not part of the rent. If the rent is not paid in full, it may hurt Tenant’s credit, incur a substantial late charge, and is a breach of Tenant’s rental contract. Refunds are normally disbursed within a few days, but in any case, the Owner must act in good faith to return security deposit monies no later than twenty one (21) days cc s 1950.5. Security deposits are returned to all those named on the rental agreement, unless all tenants named sign an agreement instructing otherwise, and provide a copy of said agreement to the Owner/property manager prior to delivering possession of the apartment or home back to the Owner.

Cancel ACH Recurring payments: Please remember to cancel any recurring monthly rent payments you have scheduled through our electronic ACH system.


  • Should you intend to vacate your unit, please complete the following form in its entirety and submit via US Mail, Facsimile, or in person to your building manager.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • As per your lease, the above date must be at least 30 days from today’s date. You are responsible for all rent up to the date of your move-out.
  • Your security deposit refund/disposition will be mailed to the address you provide above within 21 days following your move-out date provided above.


It was a pleasure having you with us. To make your moving out easy and to ensure prompt return of your deposit in full, we are providing you with some helpful guidelines.

1. Please ensure that the condition of the property is in similar condition as when you first moved in. Imagine being the next person taking possession, and leave the apartment or home in a condition that would be desireable for the next party.

2. Please vacuum the floors, closets, hall ways and wipe clean all surfaces like counter tops, windows, cabinet shelves, etc. before you hand in your keys.

3. Please carefully clean your bathroom(s) and kitchen. Tubs, toilets, and floors, and appliances, fixtures and cabinets should all be left as you found them on move in – clean and without evidence of prior tenancy. Ensure that your refrigerator and oven are empty and 100% clean, inside and out. This includes under the stove burners, and under the stove top as well.

4. Ensure that all furniture, including personal items such as mattresses, are either taken or disposed of by you in a proper manner. Do not leave any furniture or your personal items in the unit or outside the property on the street curbside. Do not put any furniture or personal items in the trash bin. You will be charged for hauling debris out of our premises and the amount including our service charges will be deducted from your deposit.

5. If you have a yard, please make sure that it is left clean and tidy, weed free, and in the condition in which it was received.

6. Please remember to hand over all copies of the building entry keys, the unit keys, mailbox keys, and any other keys specific to the property you are moving out of. These maybe handed over to the manager or you may arrange another way to deliver keys with your property manager.

7. At your request, a management representative will be available on the date of your move out to walk thru the apartment with you and note any damages. Please let us know at least seven days in advance of the time convenient to you for this. Although not necessary, you are also entitled to request a pre-move out inspection at a date not earlier than 2 weeks before the date of your move out (California Civil Code Section 1950.5). You may be present at the inspection, and we will attempt to schedule a mutually convenient time, if possible. In any case, if requested, you will be given a good faith itemized list of deficiencies, so you have an opportunity to fix anything that is wrong or damaged. If an inspection is requested, and the work is not completed in a satisfactory manner, then we will then take deductions from the security deposit for any unfixed deficiencies, damage that occurred after the inspection, or damage not found at the time of the inspection (due to items hidden by furniture, carpets, boxes, wall hangings, or other items). Please understand that we use good faith in determining security deposit refunds, and they are returned to you within 21 days or less, as per the law. We hope you will use good faith in returning your apartment or home to us in clean and rentable condition for the next resident. Thanks in advance. If both the Owner and the Tenant are reasonable, this will prevent any arguments over security deposit refunds.

8. Remember to switch off your phone service and utilities before you leave.

9. Remember to change your address with USPS and inform us of your new address and phone number.

If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at 415.992.8901.